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Syrian refugees trade violence for thirst

As the sound of bombs becomes a distant echo, many #refugees from #Syria’s war face a new enemy: thirst. For some, the battle begins the moment..

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Where Tourism Thrives in Mexico, Bloodshed and Poverty Are Blocks Away

The bloodshed here has not targeted #tourists and has mostly occurred out of their view, in the poorer quarters of #Mexico. While the authorities..

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Palms for Life Fund

Be apart of the Palms For LIfe family by visiting our donation page. You can make a one-time donation or a monthly subscription. Make a difference…

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Exodus of the Stateless: Following the Rohingya's Journey

The violence in #Myanmar that has forced more than 700,000 #Rohingya to flee their homes. A UN chief has described it as “a textbook example..

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40 million forced to rebuild lives after devastating South Asia floods

It’s described it as the region’s worst #flood in 40 years. At least 1.5 million #homes are believed to have been destroyed or damaged, along..

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