Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and as it comes to an end, we are thinking about the amazing women across the globe that are working with Palms for Life Fund to transform their communities. Statistically, poverty affects women at higher rates and more severely than men, and women are seriously underrepresented in rural schools. Additionally, sexual abuse is extremely widespread and underreported. Rather than simply providing charity, our approach empowers women to be active leaders in our projects, and emphasizes permanent solutions by providing agricultural tools to improve food security, micro-credit to improve local economies; and the support to resist and report sexual abuse.


Our work in Burkina Faso is helping rural women increase their agricultural output and maximize profits in a way that is both sustainable and individually empowering. This project provides them with:



-A water pump

-Proper storage facilities

-Effective distribution methods


Because of widespread sexual abuse and violence, girls are seriously underrepresented in the educational system in Mozambique. This project is working to break the silence on sexual abuse and create a more supportive educational environment by establishing: -A National “Green Line” telephone service

-Watchdog posts

-A National Media Campaign

-TV debates

-Investigative press articles

-Community radio programs


Women in Swaziland walk an average of three hours per day to collect water, making schooling impossible. Our USAID-Funded project is improving water supplies and sanitation and benefiting thousands of young girls by:

-Fighting against infection and disease

-Safeguarding the privacy and dignity that are the right of any young girl

-Providing toilet paper and sanitary napkins, and a safe, environmentally sound way to dispose of these items.


Palms for Life is proud to implement projects that affect men and women, girls and boys from all walks of life, and we hope you will join us on this last day of Women’s History Month to think about all of the amazing women who are working to improve their communities and eradicate poverty for good!

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