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My Name is Hannah  jTANA8Hapirv09u43kQXQjooQjqKptAb66lTrnXOdL8

My Unconditional Support of Human Rights

I have always been an unconditional supporter of human rights and tolerance. Because of this passion, I worked for the UN World Food Programme for 30 years. When I retired from the UN in 2006, I took with me my never-ending commitment to ending poverty.

I have seen poverty throughout the world. I know what it means for poor people to live a life with no hope for the future, and I know with complete certainty that we can make a difference by joining hands and working together. The cycle of poverty can be broken; it takes vision, knowledge, persistence, understanding, commitment, and participation at the local level,

It’s Not About Charitable Handouts, It’s About Doing What’s Right

At Palms for Life Fund, we believe that access to food, clean water, sanitation, and education are basic human rights, and should not be dependent on charitable giving or handouts. Our efforts aren’t about feeling or being good. We believe that poverty eradication is everyone’s business; it has to happen now and for all; and has to be done right. I believe that everyone in this world has a basic human right to a good quality of life and it starts with access to the things you need for that to be possible. That’s my “religion”!

The Image of Palms for Life

The image of hands reaching out to each other is an act of unity, solidarity, and equality –it is not a top-down mentality. The image of palms represents my mission, my hope for a global alliance to fight poverty.

Active Participation by Local Populations

I have brought a rights-based approach, aided by objective analyses of problems, to bring creative and effective long-term solutions to the inequalities I see around the world. Palms for Life Fund’s projects don’t serve “beneficiaries”; we work with participants.

Hannah Laufer-Rottman | HuffPost

An international professional with extensive experience in successfully delivering poverty alleviation programs to countries and people in need. Joined the United Nations in 1976 and worked mainly with the World Food Programme. Has traveled extensively and lived in Africa and in Latin America with long term assignments in Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Brazil.

Our projects foster engagement and ownership by local populations, which help ensure sustainable results and accountability. By investing them with responsibility in the project, Palms for Life Fund gives participants back ownership of their own lives, allowing them to be informed, empowered, and hopeful. I believe educating populations in this two-way exchange is the way to change the face of poverty worldwide.

Why Palms for Life

While I was at the World Food Programme, I brought all of these ideas to my work, informing my project design and community organization with my “religion”. Through Palms for Life Fund, I have developed a more intimate relationship to my work. I empower myself and I empower the people I work with.