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Criteria for Selecting Partners


Palms carefully selects its executing partner organizations by applying the following key criteria:


  • Legally established private or public organization
  • At least seven years of experience working directly with poor communities in development projects
  • Sharing Palms for Life Fund goals and values
  • Active and experienced in Palms for Life Fund program areas
  • Demonstrated successes in working closely with local communities
  • Having benefited from other national and international grants
  • Capacity to produce semi-annual reports on activities performed
  • Producing audited accounts on use of funds
  • Able to provide evidence that it benefits from trust and acceptance amongst community leaders
  • Adequate infrastructure to operate at the grass root level
  • Capacity to provide technical and financial assistance
  • Capacity to carry out regular monitoring and evaluation


Palms will expect partners to be well integrated in their country’s social and economic development investment in order not to duplicate efforts but rather coordinate their activities locally with all the key players, including and most importantly with the projects’ participants.

Application Process


Organizations interested in joining Palms for Life Fund should email their application to: [email protected]

Applications should be accompanied by the following:


Partnership Application Form duly completed by the Director or President of the Organization

Latest Annual Report

An updated website address


Applications will be reviewed within 15 days of receipt. Once approved, the organization will be invited to submit up to 3 projects for funding per year.