Angola: Bread & Cheese

Angola: Bread & Cheese

Perspective. Overused word in the US, rather adequately perfect here. Let me explain.


Yesterday I went home to take my little afternoon nap (yes, peeps, I am LOVING my naps…not sure how that is going to fare back in NYC) and, to maximize my sleep, and minimize my hunger, I decided to make two cheese sandwiches. One, I gobbled up before my nap, the other I cautiously wrapped up in a napkin to eat on my way back to the office. The moment I was cautiously wrapping my second sanduitz (pronounced a la Greek), I just knew I wouldn’t be finishing it.


I took two bites as I pranced down my staircase and the moment I stepped out onto the street I saw them. Three street children who were on a search and eat mission. I have never seen the desperation of hunger so up close and personal. When one of them spied me and my little bundle, he didn’t even look into my eyes, his gaze was fixed on my sandwich. Not sure when he last ate. He got the sandwich. I should’ve made more for them…why are children starving in this world? There are enough resources for us all.


Wow, bread and cheese…that got me thinking of Thai food and how much I love the culinary diversity that is NY.


News of the week: Kitchen is being remodeled…as in, tiles are in, sink is almost working and cockroaches are no longer ruling the land.


per·spec·tive (pər spek′tiv). I love Angola.

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  1. Hannah Laufer-Rottman February 22, 2008 at 5:14 pm - Reply

    I am loving these blog entries. Not only in learning about Angola but in learning about my sister, Bubu Laufer. Escribes tan fantasticamente bien naama…de veras es un gusto y un apredizaje total y divertido de leer tus palabras.

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