Angola: Deep Thoughts by Naama (and a few random ones)

Angola: Deep Thoughts by Naama (and a few random ones)

When the light changes, Angola becomes a different watercolor all together.


– The soil is red in Angola. Rich in oxidized iron. Chemistry 101.


– Rainy season has started in Luanda…officially and tangibly. On Saturday, in one hour, the city flooded after a highly intimidating graying sky. Rain shoes – no matter what you wear, it’s not enough.


– Luanda carries my favorite sunscreen – Garnier’s Ambre Solaire, Clear SPF 20. Not yet FDA-approved in the US. I love this country.


– New Development Workshop homepage is almost up. Take one last look before I blow your minds


– My recent DW project obsession is ONDAKA – an adult literacy program that publishes a monthly bulletin compiled by local communities, primarily in the Huambo province, that acts as a platform for peaceful dialogue. There is a tremendous will in Angola to avoid conflict and educate younger generations on the importance of stability.


– I continue being a firm believer that women multitask better than men.

Angolan women: carry a bucket of water, or fish, or shoes, or mandioc, or bananas, or gasoline on their heads, a baby on their back, plastic bags on their arms, and rearrange their pano whenever necessary

Angolan men: just walk, with nothing…next to the women


– Went sailing this weekend for the first time in my life. My body looks like I fell down a flight of stairs…and then another. It was one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done (after climbing Masada at 4am)


Kitchen update: not done yet, but almost there…or so they say


Quote of the week: Mother to her son eating ice cream, “Is it ok? Not too cold?” Classic.


The office smells like the fresh bread I just bought at the bakery, and I have one month left in this beauty of a country.

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