Destination: Angola

Destination: Angola

Dear friends,

As many of you already know, I have decided to plunge into the great African continent (more precisely malaria-ridden Angola), to manage communications for a local non-profit, the Development Workshop, during three months starting January.

And so, ladies and gents, this is an official fund raising email, and really, with three days to go, your last chance to get some tax-deductible donations in for 2007. My goal is to raise $15,000 which will go directly to the various projects currently seeking funding in Angola. We currently have raised approximately $2k. (This coupon is still valid in the New Year)


More tid bits (in case the first part of this email didn’t quite convince you):
– 70% of the Angolan population is below the poverty line (2005 est.)

– I have a dream…or rather have had one for many years now, of helping to alleviate poverty in Africa. As you all know, this big-bellied, emaciated continent needs help now, tomorrow and the day after that

– Volunteers for Life, an initiative through Palms for Life Fund, offered me an umbrella under which to go. Founded by a former 30-year UN employee, the organization seeks out local NGOs that have a proven track record but little funding to blow their projects out of the water. The Development Workshop is their local partner in Angola (if you want to read more, check

– My five-year experience in PR allows me to transfer a necessary technology rather than changing diapers day in day out (which, PS, is still important), however, communicating their efforts and successes to donors will directly impact infrastructure and monetary support

That’s all folks, my end of year spiel.

Thank you all for your support and generosity.
Happy New Year,

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