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Face the Plate is a food guidance pilot project that seeks to combat malnutrition in underserved communities by providing helpful educational tools and dietary strategies for shoppers and members of the community. It will achieve this through one-on-one guidance and assistance to shoppers in the supermarket.


Face the Plate is a complementary service which will provide personal food and nutritional assistance to shoppers in a given supermarket. Under the direction of a local nutritionist, trained food guides will invite shoppers to learn about and consider various ways of including healthier foods into their weekly meals. By distributing useful nutritional aids (pamphlets, checklists, recipe cards), providing steps on how to read food labels, and budgeting tips, food guides will encourage shoppers to discover various ways of introducing healthy vegetables and other vital foods into their diets.

Face the Plate represents an opportunity for:

  • Shoppers to better navigate their local super market and identify healthier foods
  • Supermarkets to build their customer base, promote healthy food brands, and demonstrate social responsibility directly in the supermarket
  • Local and city governments to continue to build upon and support initiatives focusing on plant-based diets and nutrition
  • Trained nutritionist, dietitians, and students in the field of nutritional sciences to directly impact their local communities
  • Key players to actively promote healthier food habits among its population and for Palms for Life to provide the service of coordinating/managing campaigns with other health and food advocacy groups.

Supermarkets, local leaders in health and nutrition, city government, and local citizens have a unique opportunity to implement and partake in a hands-on educational program which addresses individual dieting needs, as well as more global issues concerning healthy lifestyles, malnutrition, disease prevention, and sustainability.

Scaling Up

If the pilot project proves to be successful and useful for both supermarkets and the communities in which they serve, teams of nutritionists and trained food guides (advisors) can mobilize in different areas of Brooklyn and across NYC.

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