Faces of Hunger 2010

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School feeding should become universal regardless of income

Faces of Hunger In America

a Nationwide Initiative to Increase Awareness About Hunger in the United States…because hunger is everyone’s business


2009 Film Contest

In 2009, Palms for Life sponsored a contest that challenged young filmmakers 25 years of age and under, to produce a short film depicting hunger in their local communities all across America. A total of 14 films were selected for an online voting process on www.gotspot.com where the films received 58,000 views and got over 30,000 votes. The 6 films with the highest number of online votes were subsequently reviewed by an esteemed panel of judges in New York at the Action Center to End World Hunger, on December 21st.

1st Prize: Food For Thought | Dolce Wang, 24, CA