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Child hunger can easily be ended in 5 YEARS by expanding programs like school breakfast, lunch, snacks and summer meals. 



August 2009:

June 2009:

June 2009:

March 2009:

  • We are so excited to share that Richard J. Deckelbaum (Professor of Nutrition from Columbia University) and  Janet Poppendieck (author of “Sweet Charity? Emergency Food Aid and the End of Entitlement” and Professor of Sociology at Hunter College) have agreed to join our esteemed Judging Panel!
  • We are receiving a great response from the distribution of our flyers at theUniversities Fighting World Hunger 2009 U.S. Summit. For those of you that attended and have not yet signed up for our mailing list, please do so here!
  • We have reached 143 members on our Facebook group—woo hoo!!!

February 2009: