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The US is the only wealthy industrial nation where such a high percentage of its population suffers from nutritional deprivation due to inadequate incomes



Faces of Hunger in America is a 2009 project of Palms for Life Fund, a U.S.-based charity committed to ending poverty worldwide. The project ran throughout 2009 and culminated with the prize winning ceremony at the Action Center to End World Hunger (click here to see all the participating and winning films of the 2009 film contest).

Facing Up to Hunger

As a next step in the fight against hunger,  Palms for Life created in 2010 theFacing Up to Hunger initiative as a platform to engage a wide audience to look at world hunger from the perspective of its root causes and concrete solutions. (click here to read more).

In the United States, Facing Up to Hunger advocates for change in the type of response that is provided to the approximately 49 million people currently affected by hunger. We support the idea that food needs to be treated as an inalienable basic human right – beyond charity – and hunger needs to be tackled in its root causes. (see Article by Hannah Laufer-Rottman, Executive Director of Palms for Life Fund)