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4:45 Doors Open

Refreshments, mingling, and tasty snacking

5:15 Welcome Address

Palms for Life founder Hannah Laufer-Rottman introduces the evening and explains the Faces of Hunger concept – its origins and mission.

5:20 Screenings

First block of shortlisted films

5:50 Panel 1 

Food issues: What can be done about food waste, insecurity, and quality in the United States. What challenges are facing our policy leaders in today’s climate and how are grass roots organizations steering the fight for quality food in local communities.

  • Carolyn Dimitri is the Director for NYU’s Food Studies PhD Program and is widely recognized as the leading US expert in the procurement and marketing of organic food.
  • Aria Doe is Co-founder of the Action Center, the neighborhood-based nonprofit in low-income Far Rockaway, that promotes poverty eradication and resilience through connectivity.
  • Kriti Sehgal is Co-founder of Pure Fare, a sustainable venture in Philadelphia providing fresh, healthy all-natural foods supported by Web tools that enable consumers to track health goals.
  • Barbara Turk is Director of Food Policy for NYC and The Mayor’s Office. She works with city agencies and outside partners to increase food security for all New Yorkers.

Panel Moderator – Steve Faktor*

6:20 Refreshment Break

6:30 Screenings

First block of shortlisted films

7:00 Panel 2

Film & Technology: How can film be used as a tool for social change?

  • Scott Gabriel is a director and producer with a passion for international human rights who’s film campaigns raise money for environmental change, family planning, and womens’ rights worldwide.
  • Joey O’Loughlin is a photojournalist, producer and writer supporting social justice and humanitarian efforts, currently with a nationally acclaimed exhibition on what it means to be hungry in NY.
  • Alejandra Sacio is Digital Communications Director at Skylight, a production company committed to producing artistic, challenging and socially relevant media to strengthen human rights.
  • Aashish Kumar is an Associate Professor of radio, television, and film at Hofstra University.

Panel Moderator – Steve Faktor*

7:30 Awards

  • Best Film
  • Best Film that Faces Up To Hunger – Hannah Laufer-Rottman Award

7:35 Mingling

Refreshments, mingling, and tasty snacking

8:00 After party at Gray Mare

*About Steve Faktor

Steve Faktor is author of Econovation, futurist, and founder of IdeaFaktory, which helps companies grow by creating and commercializing big innovations through startup partnerships. Steve also hosts The McFuture podcast, a trek through a world drowning in Kardashians but starved for meaning. The show features Steve’s provocative, funny explorations of our future and conversations with cultural icons, Nobel-winning economists, and innovators shaping our world.  Steve is a popular keynote speaker and regularly featured in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, NPR, Wall Street Journal, among others. Steve is the former head of the American Express Chairman’s Innovation Fund and executive at Citi and MasterCard. You can follow him via email newsletterLinkedIn, FacebookTwitter.





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