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Maayan Laufer | Co-Producer

Maayan Laufer is the founding partner of Palms for Life Fund. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Biology and Sociology, with a focus on health. Thanks to her mother’s work with the UN, she was able to travel to many developing countries throughout her life. She witnessed first-hand the impact of international aid in improving the livelihood of individuals and communities. She firmly stands by the belief of Palms for Life that “we are all connected to the poor.” Maayan is a also actor and filmmaker and founder of the Glimpse of Brilliance podcast.

Harriet Bailey | Co-Producer

Harriet has been an Assistant Producer for documentaries and factual TV for the past four years, and in that time has worked on food-related projects. She completed her MA in Science Journalism in 2012 for which her final project was about GMOs and a new research facility in the UK. The food industry – especially it’s scale – she finds fascinating especially with the prospect of feeding 11 billion people on the planet in the next 100 years. Poverty and hunger are usually associated with developing countries so she feels it’s important for people to realize the issues America is facing.

João Thomaz Londres |Assistant Producer

João Thomaz Londres is an Assistant Producer at the Faces of Hunger Film Festival. As a native carioca from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a country with so many social issues, he was attracted to working with Palms for Life as a way to creatively address food issues that he learned about after moving to the United States for college. He’s currently a junior studying film and literature at NYU. He was deeply inspired by Palms for Life Founder Hannah Laufer-Rottman’s commitment and experience with the United Nations.



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