Fruit Vendors in NYC join the fight against hunger

Fruit Vendors in NYC join the fight against hunger


Many New Yorkers buy fruit on the street. Including us. The fruit is usually tasty and fresh and we take pleasure in the quick cash-only transaction and in being able to literally run down the block and buy a banana for our smoothie, which it cannot do without.

Mintu and Ali are our local fruit cart suppliers and Mintu knows us especially well – at least in terms of how often we come, that there is a new baby in our family, and the fruits and vegetables we gravitate towards. Inspired by him, we started Aprons for Life as a way to spread our message about hunger – namely, that hunger is everyone’s business. The apron is a nice, bright blue, completely practical for Mintu to keep his bills and change, and made of sturdy cloth that can handle nature’s dirt.

Our goal: to have every street vendor wearing Palms for Life aprons and spreading the word about hunger at a moment when people are perhaps most open to it – when they are satisfying their own need for food.


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