Angola: G-d’s Kingdom

Angola: G-d’s Kingdom



I crossed the Luanda border last weekend. Somewhat illegal, as I do not have my first visa extension quite yet (also hoping passport is not lost in the “system” but that’s another story), I was officially visiting another province – Malange.


The supposed 6-hour, 6-car trip (which somehow extended into ten hours) led us to the Quedas de Kalandula. One of the most spectacular sites I have ever seen, the waterfalls exploded with such perfect precision that I sat stunned and simply admired G-d’s kingdom. It was unbelievable. I regretted not knowing how to do yoga, because it just felt right to sit in lotus position and meditate. I did it anyway.


So, after grilling, dancing and singing, we all passed out at 10pm (pathetic, I know), to wake up at 4am (couldn’t sleep), wait until the sun was out at 6am, and take a dip in the freezing waters of the river that led to the falls. Fantastic…and freaking cold.


Late morning took us down to the bottom via a narrow, muddy, insect-(maybe cobra) filled, swamp-like, almost-vertical bush/forest path. A group of 8, almost all of us fell at least once, scratched up some part of our body, and/or got bitten. We loved it and returned to take another dip in the freezing waters. You say masochism, I say…peer pressure, no, really.


So, to wrap up the story, it started pouring, weather plummeted a few hundred degrees, we cooped up in our tents (hoping they wouldn’t be washed away) and had another night of grilling, dancing and singing. The 10-hour car trip back home was a cinch. I could really write a guide book for this country.


Kitchen update: Think the remaining tiles are not going to go up and we will forever have a bucket to catch the water below the sink. At least we have a bucket…


A key got stuck in our front door lock. No idea how it happened, but we currently have to go in through our kitchen door (didn’t even know we had a kitchen door!) and make sure the lock of our gate, the lock on the chain, and the lock on our kitchen door gate are all…locked (couldn’t think of another word here). Just hoping the sandwich guy doesn’t show up at 4am again…


Also realized I didn’t share my fishing adventures with you all…nor the TWO tuna I caught. So proud…so proud…Some pictures uploaded for you to share in my spoils of the sea. Will upload more as soon as internet cooperates.


If you were holding your breath in high anticipation of my return, breathe out…no idea yet.

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  1. Maayan April 1, 2008 at 1:15 am - Reply

    hola bubu! que lindo! que lindo! y que chistosa eres. me encanto leer esto. si de veras me gustaria ver un naama survival guidebook. cobras en el agua! que miedo! bubu cuanto me haces sonreir. y que gran tuna! bubu la pescadora.

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