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The Concept – we all need a role model

Hannah forlife is the newest member of our forlife concept. We believe that everyone needs a role model and Hannah is just that.  For 30 years, Hannah has shared her life experiences with children and adults alike. She has  given people in developing countries a voice, a forum where their needs, realities and dreams are heard and, most importantly, understood.

In an effort to educate  the community about her unique experiences , Hannah is available for lectures at schools, classes, organizations or groups . Interested parties please contact us at [email protected].

A brief background on Hannah

Hannah is driven by the belief that through one connection at a time, we can create a global alliance to end poverty. Using her own money and equipment she founded Palms for Life Fund in early 2006.
Working from a small corner of her New York apartment, Hannah’s first achievement was shipping hundreds of computers to poor schools in Ecuador through a joint venture with Mercy Corp and donations from friends and family. Palms for Life uses a model that aids and leverages existing local groups. She has funneled $4 million of aid to help thousands of people in poor countries through Palms for Life. Her friends and people in the non-profit world are truly amazed. Her latest success was winning a grant from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to bring water and sanitation to 120 schools in Swaziland. Over the course of the three year grant, 42,000 children will have access to clean water, proper latrines, and vegetables.

Hannah’s story begins thirty-four years ago in 1976 when she was a young, Eastern European woman who wanted to save the world. She traded her comfortable life in Belgium to work for the UN in Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso. She spent the next thirty years working for the UN World Food ProgrammeAfter Burkina Faso she worked in Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Brazil, at the agency’s headquarters in Rome, Italy, again in Ecuador and lastly New York City. Over the course of her career with the UN, Hannah helped feed and educate millions of poor families and their children. She witnessed the interminable tragedies facing the people of the developing world but this only fueled her desire to help.

Her early retirement from the UN gave her the opportunity to use her experience and connections to bring a vision to life, one she she nurtured for years. Hannah believes, and has taught many, that we are all connected to the poor. With increased awareness, we can learn to see how the world’s children, mothers, and communities are our children, our mothers, and our communities. Up until recently, Hannah was working from a small home office—committed to keeping the overhead at a minimum. Hannah truly believes that the sky is the limit. She lives by the idea and ideal that the rights of the poor are equal to ours. As long our children, mothers, and communities are going to bed on a hungry stomach, Hannah’s work is not done. Hannah helps people see the poor as “us”, rather than “them.”