Message from Hannah: The Rosalie Project

Message from Hannah: The Rosalie Project

Please help us rescue young women who have been forced into prostitution in West-Africa!

We urgently need your help now to train these young women in other work skills, so they can leave the business of selling their bodies. This is how we are honoring Women’s Day at Palms for Life, by asking for your generous support.

“My name is Rosalie. I am 21 years old. My parents come from the province of Bazèga. I live in the area #2 in Ouagadougou with my mother and my siblings. My father passed away 7 years ago. My mother used to sell “dolo” (a local beer), but she became sick and stopped working 4 years ago. I dropped out of school when I was 12 and never went back. When I was 14, I started visiting the “Monaco club” where many young girls my age were wearing sexy clothes and flirting with young boys on motorcycles. My friend showed me her jewelry and said, “There is more,” and she then opened her purse full of money. The same evening I came home with 10,000 CFA ($23) in my pocket. This is how I became a prostitute.”

Rosalie worked as a prostitute until she was 19.  Then she was approached by a young woman who explained the danger of HIV/AIDS and came regularly back talking to the girls until one day, Rosalie asked to be introduced to her colleagues at the project office. She was so impressed and touched by their work that she decided to join their fight as project counselor.


“Now, I earn money with dignity and am still able to support my family. With more donations, we can help reach other girls who are taking terrible risks, to abandon this humiliating practice. This way we will protect them from abuse and violation.”


Palms for Life has partnered with the Population Council in Burkina Faso to train 30 sex workers like Rosalie to become leaders and models for other young women that engage in this profession. At a cost of no more than $250.00 per person, each sex worker will benefit from a unique life changing opportunity and encourage others to leave gradually the profession and engage in alternative jobs. Ultimately, the training will help reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among sex workers in Burkina Faso.


There are only 2 Clicks of Separation between you and young women like Rosalie ready to make important changes in Burkina Faso. This is the first click. Your second click will enable you to support the “Rosalie Project.”


Thank you!


Hannah Laufer-Rottman

Executive Director

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