Happy Earth Week!

Happy Earth Week!

Palms for Life is working hard in the US and abroad to fight hunger and poverty by addressing its root causes. Our projects emphasize solutions that are sustainable and address the fundamental issues that affect the poor; food, water and education. Simply providing a meal is not enough; in order to truly eradicate poverty, we must find solutions that empower individuals to improve food security and enhance clean water supplies in ways that best utilize the earth’s resources.

Our USAID-Funded Project in Swaziland engages communities in environmentally friendly practices. In Swaziland, rainfall is scarce, and particularly dry years have seriously exacerbated food and clean water shortages. We are working with local farmers to experiment with agricultural and irrigation techniques that store rainwater and produce hardier crops. Palms for Life is also conducting training sessions for agriculture teachers to ensure that the next generation of young farmers will continue to both maximize agricultural production and care for the earth. School gardens act as training grounds for the teachers and also produce food for the schoolchildren.

Enhanced clean water supplies and sanitation facilities are also a major part of our project in Swaziland, Proper waste management not only greatly improves the overall health of the community at large, but has a major impact on the health of the earth and water supply. In addition to keeping schoolchildren safe from disease and infection, access to clean drinking water and improved sanitation facilities strengthen enrollment rates, especially among girls, and is another step towards empowering the next generation.

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