Help Feed and Educate Ecuadorian Street Children

Help Feed and Educate Ecuadorian Street Children

With $0.38, you can feed one child a day. Just imagine: with $140.00 you can feed – and also help educate – a child for one entire year!


A new opportunity has arisen for us together to feed and educate poor children of Ecuador who work on the streets in order to sustain themselves and their families. With $25,000 as a special gift to the children of Ecuador from Palms for Life, with your help we will be able to feed 180 children for an entire year. We need to raise this money by 1st of September in order to get the food to the children at the beginning of the school year.

Here is a bit of background:

As a result of poverty affecting about 50% of the households in Quito, and high unemployment, many of the children in poor households are forced to work – and some, to live – on the streets from a young age to support themselves or supplement their family’s income. Since 1964 the Centro del Muchacho Trabajador ( has been providing over 11,000 street children and their families with food, health, education and training to overcome poverty. Its comprehensive approach to solving the problem of urban poverty has proven to be very effective, allowing the Centro to achieve many tangible results.

Palms for Life has signed a Partnership Agreement with the wonderful people of the Centro del Muchacho Trabajador in order to help them fulfill their mission.

 Please click here and help us with a generous donation that will go directly to the child that you will feed, by the most direct route!


Remember: it just takes 38 cents a day…


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