Join1000 FAQs

1. Who is it for?

Join1000 is for individuals who believe

  • we are global citizens and have global responsibilities
  • we are all connected, regardless of our economic standing
  • we can build a bridge pebble by pebble, friend by friend, to connect the developed world to the developing world
  • by joining hands, palm in palm, we can exponentially change the livelihoods of many people in developing countries

2. How does it work?

  • You trust and like the work we do
  • You make an online donation of $10/month (subsequent ones automatically deducted)
  • You invite at least one of your friends to do the same
  • We reach our goal of 1000 and celebrate!

3. What is our work?

Please peruse our site to learn more about our work. We support poverty-stricken communities worldwide by partnering with local organizations and mobilizing funds for initiatives related to food, water, and education.

4. When will my payment be deducted from my credit card?

On the same day you sign up for it, once a month

5. Who can I email with questions?

[icon_link style=”email” color=”orange” href=”mailto:[email protected]” target=”_parent”][email protected][/icon_link]

6. I have several friends who want to join! Can I invite them too?

Yes, absolutely, thank you – you rock.

7. How long is the commitment?

We ask you to commit to at least one year of Join1000. We hope you continue after that time!

8. How do I cancel my membership?

Email us at [email protected] and we will cancel your membership within three business days.

9. How secure is my payment?

Your Join1000 payment is secured by SSL and we use Stripe  to process the transaction and store your information.

10. Will I receive junk mail from you?

We respect your privacy. After joining1000, you will be opted in to the Join1000 newsletter (so we can keep you informed about the initiative and voting opportunities) as well as the Palms for Life newsletter . You can opt out anytime at the bottom of each email. We are not spammy.

11. Tax benefits?

Your Join1000  is 100% tax deductible…Hurrah.

12. How will I know what my money is doing? I’m reconsidering my Starbucks coffee…

We’ll send you updates about what we’ve been doing with your donations as well as voting opportunities for which projects you want to see get funded. By the way, some  people are making their own Starbucks coffee at home.

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