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June 2017 | in partnership with ADEP 

$2500 budget


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Ziniaré community in the province of l’Oubritenga in Burkina Faso.


This project will support the economic autonomy of 20 young Burkinabe women by educating them on weaving and dyeing as well as financial management tools necessary to generate income.

who implements:

The project will be implemented by our partner ADEP (L’Association D’appui et d’Eveil Pugsada). It is a local Burkinabe organization founded in 1995, with the aim of improving the lives of young girls.


  • Mobilize and inform all members of the local community, including parents and men about the project. This is the condition to ensure local support to these young women. This will be implemented by a group of 20 young women.
  • Teach fabric weaving and coloring with natural dyes
  • Organize training sessions around marketing and financial management
  • Support and assist the participants in obtaining a micro-loan and in opening a bank account in the local financial institution
  • Follow up and evaluate the project’s activities

expected impact:

At the end of this short project, a total of 20 young women will have been trained in weaving and dying techniques. The group will receive basic equipment and supplies as well as a small revolving fund to start operating the income-generating project.

why we love it:

Unemployment among young girls/women aged 17 to 30, who have not completed their secondary education, is significantly higher than among men — 2 out of 3 such young girls/women depend entirely on a third person for their living, while the majority of young men in the same age group are usually gainfully employed. Young women who want to engage in an income-earning activity often lack not only training and skills but also the basic financial support to initiate such activity. This small project will address these challenges.

*Please note that unforeseen circumstances might oblige Palms for Life Fund to review the allocation of funds.

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