Angola: Last Dip

Drove back from the beach yesterday, Palmeirinhas. The sand was interminable, the water a perfect temperature with just the right amount of waves. My last dip.


I feel like one of those wartime reporters who spent three months deep in the bush, dropped off in a country they’ve never visited before (probably didn’t even know where they were), given a pad of paper and a box of pencils, and just spewed out page after page of ramblings. My ramblings are a website, and so I present to you


Three months in Angola were intense, and I return to you with a new sense of wonder (enter Aladdin theme song) and an EU passport that gives me a three-month stay in the US. At the moment, my dear fans, the world is truly my oyster and I’m not quite sure what the next step will be. Might start a blog there as well…


Here is to me signing off from the land of baobabs and mustard sunsets.

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