Tanzania: Liz has arrived

Tanzania: Liz has arrived

Well here I am in Kampala, Uganda and it is amazing! The weather is perfect and beautiful, not too hot (not like Dubai, YIKES!) and a nice tropical breeze. I had a wonderful flight down on Emirates Airlines into Entebbe airport and was picked up at the airport by Matthew Mcilvenna’s driver and then headed into the heart of the city of Kampala. It is a tropical paradise here. The city is built on 7 hills, just like Roma, but that is pretty much where the comparaison can start and end. The earth is red, just like in Niger, but it GROWS! Palm trees, large bushes and tropical trees, grasses, mango, pinapple, lettuce, yams, maize, you name it, they grow it! Matthew works for the UN’s WFP (World Food Program) and has been living in East Africa, on and off, for more than a decade. Although he works full time, his side project is IZAAS, the community service program in Bukoba, Tanzania. I will be spending the next month over there working with the children and the orphans trying to help them in several different capacites. Apparently there is email there (whew!) so the next update will be live from Bukoba and I will be able to give a better picture of my daily life and the needs of the children. For now all is well with me, I am happy, healthy and well adjusted.


xox Love to all


Liz Ross


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