Palms for Life loves a First Lady who fights for schoolfeeding

Palms for Life loves a First Lady who fights for schoolfeeding


As Palms for Life’s founder, after a career of fighting for access to food for underprivileged people around the world with the UN World Food Programme, I have been promoting the universal access to food in schools. I see this not only from a perspective of a basic human right for all children, but also as an essential input to ensure quality of education and learning. Sufficient documentation* has been produced over the years showing the unquestionable impact of school feeding on children’s health and scholastic performance. I cannot envision an educational environment where children are deprived of food – and water – and therefore strongly advocate not only for lunch but also for breakfast to be served daily to all children.

We feel fortunate to operate in a country where the First Lady has also made it her fight to ensure proper food is being served to kids in schools.

As a symbol of this “meeting of the missions” the Ecuadorian artist Luis Salazar has produced a stunning painting of Mrs. Michelle Obama which is now part of our Art for Life Collection of 65 works by Luis Salazar. We hope that one day, this painting will make its way to the White House as a message of cross-cultural values that we all stand up for.

Hannah Laufer-Rottman
Executive Director

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