Luis Salazar Interview with Ecuadorian magazine “La Otra”

Luis Salazar Interview with Ecuadorian magazine “La Otra”


In a wonderful article, Luis talks about his path as a painter. The title’s translation is “Painter – there is no painting. A painting is created by painting.”

I’d like to share two of my favorite, inspiring quotes from the article that helped me get to know the artist more:

“Talent is not everything. Sometimes, talent can be a kind of obstacle, a trap, to think that talent is the end-all, the end-all in the process of creation. And the truth is that talent is only a medium, because what really counts is perseverance, consistency, and discipline, that together enable a person to reach realization. One has to be convinced of what they do; I think that since I began my career I have always been pulled by something I cannot explain – to continue, go through and see at the end a circumstance that I wanted to reach. I was not among the most blessed as far as talent was concerned.”

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Luis shares how he has survived as an artist in Ecuador:

“Painting entered a recession. It was no longer even mildly profitable. Under these circumstances, I only managed to survive by working on painting all the time in the Elejido Park. I survived approximately ten to twelve years off the sales of my paintings. And I can tell you that every work was an original, that not even I could repeat them if I wished to because they reflected my thoughts of the time – casualista and expressionist features and different ideas than today. You have to be autonomous and own your  decisions and your creative path. My palette – exploding with colors and labor – is the product of discipline in painting.”


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