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Palms for Life Fund’s mission is to advocate for and support the creation of infrastructure that provides access to education, food, water and sanitation for vulnerable communities throughout Africa, Latin America and Asia. We operate from a basic human rights perspective – because access to safe and sustainable food, water, sanitation and education is a right not just a humanitarian issue.

An important part of Palms for Life’s mission is also to raise awareness about hunger and poverty in the United States. In 2009, Palms for Life produced the Faces of Hunger in America film contest in which young filmmakers all across the country revealed the nature of hunger in their communities.

Palms for Life’s mission is to bring the needs of the poor and hungry onto everyone’s radar screen because it’s everyone’s business if any child in this world goes to bed on a hungry stomach. We can make sure that no girl misses school when she has her period because of inadequate sanitation. We can bring water to schools so kids can drink during the day and wash their hands with soap and water. Together we have the power to give voice to the children about these issues.” – Palms for Life’s Founder, Hannah LauferRottman


Why is giving to Palms for Life a smart investment?

  • Cost-efficient: ensuring minimum 90% of project costs are spent on the ground
  • Innovative: designs project models that are sustainable, replicable and responsive to local realities
  • Generates diversified impact: small and large scale change, from the individual to the community
  • Experienced and trusted: US-based NGO that oversees local partner activities
  • Boutique management structure: led by dynamic leadership and expertise of Hannah Laufer-Rottman