Reducing the Educational Gap by improving access to technology

Location: Nationwide
Participants: 5,000 schoolchildren in 31 educational centers
Funding: Mercy Corps, Palms for Life, Banco de Pichincha, Fe y Alegría
Executing Partner: Fe y Alegría
Fully Funded

Country Background

Despite some social progress in the last decade, the country has had poor economic growth in the last decade and monetary poverty in Ecuador has actually increased from 40 to 45 percent between 1990 and 2001 and more so urban poverty. As a result the number of poor people living in urban areas increased from 1.1 million to 3.5 million.

Poverty is still highest in rural areas where the poor of the poor and the less educated reside. Many depend on agricultural work for survival and most do not have access to land or work on low-productivity land. In general, they have less employment opportunities and low access to basic services. As a result, many have migrated to the cities where the poverty has had such a dramatic increase.

In the future, Ecuador will have to be able to sustain increases in productivity in order to maintain positive growth rates and declining poverty rates. Such increases require both, investment in physical and in human capital.



Thanks to a multiple partnership, a material aid contribution of Mercy Corps, financial support from the Ecuadorian Banco del Pichincha and coordination by Palms for Life, a 40-foot container was shipped to Ecuador in 2013 with a load of 520 complete set of computers with monitors, keyboards…. This donation is to be distributed by Fe y Alegría to 31 of its centers. This is the second donation of this kind to Fe y Alegria by Palms for Life. A first donation of computers was made in 2007.

Fe y Alegría Ecuador is a movement that promotes education and social equality. It operates in 14 regions of Ecuador and educates 27,034 students. Of these, 12% live in rural areas where access to technology is limited. This Project seeks to strengthen education in these communities through the implementation of computer centers, where the students can strengthen their computer and technological knowledge. The project also seeks to improve educational tools available to Fe y Alegría teachers by giving them adequate access to technological media.ecuadormercycorps-image

In addition, internet will be provided for 18 educational centers that do not already have it.

 Expected Results

  1. Computer center strengthened in 31 rural areas (8 provinces) in Ecuador.
  2. 4766 students, boys and girls, can count on information centers with adequate computer centers for their education.
  3. Strengthened administration and management of partner organizations Fundacion Rio Manta and INEPE both of which are also receiving a set of computers