Angola: Prada Beauty in Angola

Angola: Prada Beauty in Angola

For all of you out there wondering, my skin looks great. Prada Beauty lives strong in Africa. There has GOT to be a short comedy there somewhere…


News of the week: my shower head has been replaced so no more bucket “showers.” I had become quite attached to that blue bucket…it had become somewhat of a morning, noon and night ritual. Yes, it’s that hot here.


I am progressing wonderfully with the website redesign/edit for Development Workshop. I couldn’t have embarked on a better project to understand the plights of this country and the steps that this organization has taken in the last 25 years to make amends. There is an INCREDIBLE amount of work, thought, and care that has gone into the hundreds of projects that DW has undertaken…now it’s just a matter of finding every file, every image, and every video and plopping them into the world wide web (that’s “www” for those who just did a double take).


My New York killer instincts are being softened by the African culture, but am still a bit “particular” (ahem, obsessive) about scheduling meetings…many are shocked when I actually ask them a time that would be best for them…and then, to top it off, show up on time. It’s great.


Weekly highlights:

– Carnaval kept me up until 6:30am…I think I lost 12 kilos

– I did not get bitten by flesh-eating flies camping at the beach (although one of the girls in the group ended up in the hospital with a swollen leg. They told her it was tse tse and then that it wasn’t. wonderful.)

– I have had enough Portuguese wine to last me a lifetime…I’ve officially banned it from my diet and have switched to the cheaper bottles of yummy French wine

– my half-black self is slowly coming out via a fantastic tan (i am no longer looking like a plump little tomato)

– I’ve made friends with every guard from home to work…there is one every 5 meters…I’m quite popular

– no crazy sandwich man this week


David told me the Giants won the Superbowl, the housing market is in shambles, and it hit 65F (18.33333C) yesterday (during WINTER…on the EAST COAST!). Unreal. The US is missing me…but at least my face is dewy and uber smooth.

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  1. Dan February 7, 2008 at 5:29 pm - Reply

    Terrific report.

    It’s a shame you’re so vain. Think of how much you could really accomplish if you would just stop worrying about whether the cosmetics you schlepped from America are enhancing your complexion or hiding your true beauty, and whether your wardrobe clashes with nature.


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