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Cooking for Life

Overall goal

Palms for Life Fund is looking for a unique way to use food as a means of connecting people around the world and educating the youth to become true world citizens. Cooking forlife is a project that partners Palms for Life Fund with local restaurants, to help feed poor school children in Ecuador.


How it works

Participating Restaurants create a special recipe, using some unique tropical ingredients (as organic as possible) such as coconut milk, the famous Acai berry from Brazil, or any other tropical/exotic product. Because of our name, we will promote a dish that resonates with the idea of “palms” (the logo of Palms forlife has a symbolic meaning: hands joining but also a shape of trees, evoking the idea of food and shelter and of “green”. Palms forlife IS GREEN!).

The dishes can be given a special name, for instance “Vida” or “Hope”, or even an exotic name related to food such as the Swahili words of “Chakula” or “Riziki”. The participating restaurants agree to give the profits from the dish to alleviate poverty by feeding poor children in schools. This will allow for multiple benefits: nutrition, education and health.

Restaurants will display informational pamphlets on the tables highlighting the cause with some additional information on the origin of the ingredients, the nutritional value of the food, basic information on Ecuador and what it means to be poor in the country… highlighting the cause.

A version of the dish can also be created for children with the same exotic ingredients. The children’s placemats or table tops can promote healthy eating and a connection to the country that the special ingredient comes from. A map of the country to color, local exotic animals, and information on what children eat in Ecuador will also be featured on the placemats.

We are thinking of a wonderful message of awakening and curiosity!

Obviously, the children will also be informed that the dish they ordered will help feed other children like them, in poor countries. Cooking forlife will be a total educational experience: for the patrons at the restaurants and the school children that will benefit from this project.

Benefits and visibility

Profits -from the program will go directly towards school feeding programs in one of our countries.

In Ecuador, for example, it costs only US$0.20 to provide a child with one school meal per day. That means that every dollar earned will ensure that five less children go hungry. Or in other words, that with each dollar, five children have a better opportunity to learn!

School feeding programs involve more than just nutrition; they increase children’s capacity to learn. Not only do feeding programs lead to a higher school attendance rates, due to the incentive of food, a well nourished child also has a longer attention span and increased concentration and retention rates.

Bananas for Life

Beyond Fair Trade

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Overall Goal

The project aims to elevate the brand of a select Ecuadorian Exporter and create a positive link with the banana consumers in the U.S. by establishing a special fund in the U.S. that will support social investment projects for banana producers and their families in Ecuador. Projects include food production, children’s education, women’s literacy, etc…The special fund created in the U.S will be managed by Palms for Life Fund.

How will it work?

Palms forlife will enter into a tripartite agreement between the Ecuadorian Banana Producer/Exporter and the local Banana Importers and Distributors to establish a special “Bananas forlife” fund in the U.S. The fund will be established with a percentage of the net profit from the sales of bananas, in an amount to be determined by the parties. The transfer of funds will be done either by the importer or the distributor, or both. In all cases, such transfer of funds which will take place in the U.S. will be in the form of a donation to Palms forlife, a 501 (c)(3), and therefore such grants are tax deductible.

Palms forlife will be responsible to select the most reliable local organizations that work in social programs in the banana producing areas. These organizations will enter into a partnership agreement with Palms forlife (similar to the ones currently in place with 3 other non-governmental organizations in Ecuador).

Palms forlife will transfer the funds to the implementing organizations on the ground, to support social investments based on a detailed project document.

Benefits and Visibility

“Bananas forlife” can either become a sub-brand of the main Ecuadorian Brand or a separate brand. The parties will inform the public in Ecuador and the U.S. about this innovative partnership which will greatly elevate the select Ecuadorian brand and preference among American consumers. It will provide Banana Distributors and Ecuadorian Exporter with an opportunity to “give back” and engage actively in Corporate Social Responsibility with a broad and lasting impact.

Chocolate for Life

Coming very soon…having had delicious samples of Ecuadorian organic and fair-trade chocolate with explosive flavors such as banana, coconut, mango, etc….we’re definitely exploring to make this possible!

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Fashion for Life

Young Designer Series – Inaugural Soiree – November 16, 2007

Executive Producers: Angela Ciccone and Hannah Laufer-Rottman

Palms for Life Fund has initiated a young designer series to benefit our projects around the world (many to support women’s education). These intimate events will be held every two months highlighting a different designer each time. We will be selecting from FIT, The Market NYC and other venues…

The Inaugural Soiree on November 16 featured Conspiracy Eight ’s Fall 2007 Collection. The designer Angela Ciccone generously donated all net proceeds from the sale of the clothes to Palms for Life Fund.

Our dear friend Sheryl Spanier’s thoughts on the event:

The other night I was inspired at a very lovely, warm and event hosted by Palms forlife. Unlike many fund raisers that are held at beautiful locations, require formal attire and involve endless speeches for upwards of @1,000 a plate, this soiree featured discounted beautiful dresses and a fashion show of a very talented young designer, in the home of the organization’s founder, Hannah Laufer-Rottman. Hannah, who started this global not-for-profit only 18 months ago, epitomizes the ideal relationship nurturer. She has built her organization by her personal ability to reach out, listen and consider the needs of others, create alliances and partnerships based on mutual benefit, and never to take no for an answer in a charming, loving way. By persistently creating solutions, thinking opportunistically about every possible connection, she engages people who can help her spread the word, build the fund or promote the cause in unique ways. She always comes prepared with ideas that she molds and adapts to the situation, always with an eye toward mutual benefit. In my mind, giving without guile is the truest form of relationship development. Executives and professionals I know who are able to lead change, engage colleagues, create successful organizations and ride transitions smoothly are those who are open to and anticipate what others need. They make connections, remove barriers, have hope and inspire others. Thank you to the Hannah’s of this world for reminding us about the true nature of Giving!


A Fashion Show and Gala to Benefit Women with MicroFinancing

Executive Producers: Jody Weiss and Hannah Laufer-Rottman

Organized by Palms for Life Fund and PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics, Fashion forlife will launch its first annual event in Fall of 2008. Featuring the works of top designers along with fashions from fair-trade cooperatives across the globe, the event will raise funds to support income-generating projects through micro-credit. Benefiting women who have little or no economic options, micro-credit will enable these women to become self-sufficient, support their goals of becoming self-employed and bring themselves, their families, and even their communities out of poverty.

Micro-credit provides small loans (often as small as $100.00) at minimal interest rates to those living in poverty, enabling them to set up profitable businesses that generate enough income to lift themselves out of poverty. As businesses grow and thrive, financial support is provided, including savings, training, and peer support. (To read more about micro-credit, click here.)

Fashion forlife will attract most esteemed fashion designers who will provide pieces to be worn on the runway. Those in attendance will have an opportunity to bid on these designers and fair-trade pieces, in addition to becoming more knowledgeable on the issues of poverty and how small loans are true life savers for thousands of poor people worldwide.

This annual event will provide the world of fashion with a unique opportunity: to become a life saver for poor women around the globe and help raise the social consciousness within the fashion industry.

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Music for Life

Concert to Raise Funds to Reduce Child Mortality in Burkina Faso

Palms for Life Fund is seeking funding for a concert to raise funds for one of our current projects- Reducing child mortality rates in Burkina Faso.

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world, ranked only 175 out of 177 countries in the United Nations Development Program’s (UNDP) 2005 Human Development Index with 45 percent of the population living below the poverty line.

One can not remain insensitive to the high under-five mortality rate prevalent in Burkina Faso: 192 children per 1,000 live births, compared to only 8 in the United States. This means that 192 children out of 1,000 will dye before the age of 5. In the case of Burkina Faso, this represents more than 100,000 children that die every year from disease and malnutrition, and most of these sufferings and deaths can be prevented!

Therefore, Palms forlife is focusing on a project specifically aimed at reducing this high mortality rate in Burkina Faso. Funding will be provided to reduce malnutrition, diarrhea, malaria and other diseases and to improve the access to health care. Our objective is to help Burkina Faso reduce child mortality by at least 50% in two years. That means, saving hundreds of lives every day.

Music forlife is Palms for Life Fund’s signature musical event that will allow music to reach out to the world’s neediest population by raising our awareness and attracting more funds to a country like Burkina Faso, which has suffered for decades from extreme poverty and isolation. (click here to learn more about Burkina Faso).


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