The Nevis Library Keyboard – Small is Beautiful

The Nevis Library Keyboard – Small is Beautiful

In March 2006 we traveled to the Eastern Caribbean Islands of St Kitts and Nevis. One afternoon, we visited the Nevis Public Library in Charlestown. While there, we made a quick stop at the computer desks where we were able to access the internet. The computers worked perfectly however, typing was a real challenge because the letters had been totally erased from the keyboards. Many young students use the Library to browse the internet as most families in Nevis have no computers. It must have been the high traffic and the local warm climate that slowly removed the paint from the old keyboards. The idea came to our mind that something as simple as a decent keyboard – that we take for granted – can make such a big difference for so many young students who need to learn to type in order to use the computer.

Upon our return, we made contact with the Nevis Public Library and asked for their shipping information as Palms for Life had decided to donate two new keyboards to the Library. A few weeks later we received a letter announcing that the keyboards had arrived in perfect condition. We know the difference they make for so many young folks visiting the place every day, after school.

This was Palms for Life Fund’s first in-kind donation.

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