We Need a Logo! We need a Website! We need Photos!

We Need a Logo! We need a Website! We need Photos!

The creative Lila from Graphus in Ecuador has patiently designed as many variations as can exist on the theme of Palms for Life. Colors and fonts have been meticulously selected. “They need to speak to each other, to laugh at each other, to play with each other.” She got the message. Then came Lucio Furlani who never imagined on what he had embarked when he accepted to design our website. He thought it would be done in ten days. It took much longer and he never complained. “Lucio: we have a last last little change” has often been heard in our lengthy phone conversations. Lucio is brilliant and a generous soul.

Anne-Karine Brodeur has provided Palms with wonderful lively pictures of her trips abroad and the United Nations World Food Programme has given free use of its rich photo library.

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