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Happy birthday to our founder and Global Mother, Hannah Laufer-Rottman! We are grateful for your existence and continued dedication to fighting..

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Timeline Photos

Smog al Dia / Smog Become an active global citizen through a tax-deductible art purchase. This original painting by Ecuadorian artist Luis Salazar..

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NGO Introduces Ancient Nubian Vault Homes To Save Environment in West Africa

“…the ancient Nubian architectural technique has helped to lower the cost of construction in West Africa, with one-third of the new construction..

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Faces of Hunger in America Film Festival

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WhatsApp proves harbinger of hope for Somali families on the brink of famine

“With the humanitarian response to Somalia’s food crisis lagging, communities have turned to social media to identify families in need of..

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Girl Washing Hands | World Water Day 2017

Today we honor World Water Day. This year’s focus is WASTEWATER – quite simply, water that has been used but could be reused or reduced in a..

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This powder is cleaning drinking water all over the world and transforming lives

“Just 4 grams of the powder can clean up to 10 liters (2.6 gallons) of dirty water in just 30 minutes.”

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Floating Hospitals Treat Those Impacted by Rising Seas

“It may sound like science fiction, but for many Bangladeshis, their only hope for treatment is on a FLOATING HOSPITAL.”

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Photos from Palms for Life Fund's post

Got almond milk? Trade in store bought for a delicious homemade recipe! Join1000 is the community fundraising program that ignites you to spark..

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These Photos Show the Pollution That Kills One in Four Children

“A girl wading through mountains of trash; a boy up to his neck in toxic waters—these photos show just some of the children exposed to potentially..

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